Toy Box Club hired LABELEIGHT to carry out a comprehensive, top-to-bottom creative overhaul of its previous Squarespace website. In addition, we were also tasked with reviewing the brand’s expanding offering, and helped to repackage and reposition it more clearly in the minds of their prospective customers.

  • Creative review
  • Recommendations & enhancements
  • New creative asset creation
  • Web design & build

“It was a real pleasure working with LABELEIGHT. By doing their homework at the start of the project, they succeeded in understanding our growing business and varied challenges, and were able to develop a creative solution that really answered the brief and the needs of our customers.”

Sheila Berry, Co-Founder, Toy Box Club

See the creative results of this project here, and while you’re there don’t miss an opportunity to find out how Toy Box Club is revolutionising the relationship between toddlers and toys.